Since I was little I was told that 
I was ugly and wouldn't amount to anything.  
Today I attended a Workshop that 
Princess Evelynne gave at a Women's Conference and left there knowing 
who I am.  

From now on don't anyone 
call me L.T.!  
From now on it's 
Thank you very much!!!

Princess LaTonya
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I'm dancing!
I feel appreciated, loved, respected, and finally understood. 
Those are my emotions after looking at your website.  All my love! 
I have such a grateful heart. 
I just sent it to my sister in  California.

Princess Elaine
I am going to spread the 
word to as many women as I can
Knowledge IS power and women 
need to know that we are QUEENS 
and need to be respected and treated 
as such....I was ALSO verbally, physically
 and emotionally abused and the sad part is 
that I accepted it and sometimes even felt as if I deserved it and justified it...I DID NOT KNOW WHO I WAS!!!! I thank GOD for His mercy and 
for not only REMOVING what I thought was supposed to be, but also for 
I thank God for answering my prayers for 
YOU Eve, so many prayers, we had to wait but 
the bigger the trial the bigger the purpose; that 
crown that you wear now has many precious 
stones for all the tears that you shed...your time has come! You paved the way for many of us! God bless you for now peeling some of your scars and letting them bleed again just to help others in similar situations.  WOMEN HAVE TO WAKE UP! 
The devil came to STEAL!!! He does it in many horrible ways...The bible says that the people are held captive and destroyed for LACK of KNOWLEDGE...thanks for sharing yours....

Princess Camille
Life hasn't been the same since March that I attended your  Conference.  
I lived 58 years NOT knowing who I was, although I called myself a Christian. Thanks for telling me who I am.  
It made so much sense how you said it, that I ask myself, 
why didn't I think of that?

Princess Gladys
All my life I've wondered 
who my father was, and would grow anguished when I thought that he might be someone close to me.  

Today at Princess Evelynne's workshop I found out who my father is...Abba father.  
The King of Kings is my dad and that makes me a Princess! 
That's my birthright and
That's all that matters!

Princess Diana
(The Real One)
After 40 years of eating what he wanted,
wearing what he wanted, and going to church when he wanted, at your conference I learned that I am a Princess, 
and have stood on that since.  
He has had to accept me for who I am!

Princess Bernie 
Thanks IWS !  
I left your Conference knowing who I am, 
and with your assistance and guidance I stood my ground and persevered.  
Today I once again have custody of my daughter (after 4 1/2 years), my divorce is final, and I'm starting over knowing who I am in Christ, and who 
I am TO Christ; His little girl !

Princess Brenda

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