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The Crippled Woman
Luke 13:10-12

She was bent, rigid, and walked with difficulty.  Some great burden seemed to weigh down her shoulders, her spirit and her soul.  She couldn't hold a child, hug or be hugged, lift her head into a breeze, look into anyone's eyes, or see the moon and stars without great effort.  Was she married?  Did she have children? Perhaps her body had twisted early in life, depriving her of all the familiar blessings that others consider their due.  We only know that she had suffered for 18 long years, as many are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually today.

She hurt but she didn't complain.  She din't go to the synagogue expexcting to be healed but Jesus singled her out.  He understood the pain she had been enduring for so long.  He didn't take his daughter's pain lightly and he didn't look the other way; it was an urgent matter to him.  He hated the demon who robbed her of her health, her peace, her joy and her rightful stature in Him; He commanded it to leave her.  He knew that 18 years was long enough; actually, it was way too long.

She straightened up and stood tall under Jesus' touch as she poured out praise and thanksgiving to God.  Amazingly, her joy was cut short and turned to embarrassment and shame.  The rulers of the synagogue disapproved of her new-found happiness, joy and peace, implying that she was selfish to seek healing on the sabbath.  This poor woman had lived for years mantled with pain, fear and shame, and was not accustomed to being the center of attention.  She knew how others saw her, judged her and ridiculed her; even those who loved her.  Now everyone was looking at her judgementally, but Jesus' answer scold and humiliated His opponents, reassuring the woman that she was certainly of up-most imporance and value to Him.

How could this synagogue ruler defer to rules at such a moment?  Satan's minions had beaten down that woman for a long time, and they now tried to reassert their control, using her very religion to rebuke her!  Jesus knew that she needed to understand that her worth in the eyes of God was significantly more than any religious rite.  She was worth more - much more - than the beasts of burden who were still cared for on the sabbath.  She was his child, His baby-girl, His Princess.  God had made her in His own image, she had kingdom work to do and a destiny to fulfill.  What an outrage it seemed to Him that anyone should suggest that she, His Princess, be content to suffer even one more minute!

Be merciful with the downtrodden and brokenhearted, and reach out to them with Jesus' love.  They can often be found in corners and on the fringes with the weight of shame and unworthiness keeping them down.  Lift their spirit, lighten their burden and help them lift their eyes to heaven as their redemption gets nearer.  They must know that they have been set free, are free indeed, and have an earthly destiny designed by God to fulfill.  Remind them that they have Christ's regal blood over them and within them, they are royalty, they ARE Princesses!

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