Knowledge is Power...

...and you begin to be empowered the moment you break the silence and dare to admit that you are Co-dependent. Once you over-come denial your journey towards emotional health begins.

We quietly live that horrible life because we think that we are alone.  Statistics show that four (4) women are abused by their spouse every single minute and four (4) die daily at the hands of their abusers.  Fear and shame have kept us quiet at the mercy of the whims of the men who promised to love us till death but instead torture us to death. It's time to shed the silence and take a stand; it's time to take our lives off of their hands and grasp them firmly in ours; it's time to walk into the sunset in search of our God-ordained Destiny.

The number of women who are abused is staggering and that is only the ones who report it; more than half do not.  We adapt to that life and become Co-dependent of our abuser hence giving them the power and control that they thrive on.  Not only do we cease to exist emotionally because only he matters, but we subject our children to that life which enhances the possibility of them becoming Co-dependent in the future, thus repeating the cycle.  

Do it for yourself, you are a                 - the child of THE King, created to be treated as such; moreover do it for your children who are being exposed to such horrendous living.  I stood in an abusive relationship during 18 1/2 years not realizing that it's better for children to grow up with one (1) parent than with two (2) parents in a 'toxic' relationship.  

Take courage Sister, dare to speak; we are here to listen!

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